Reminder: Cigna AOR Protection

Sourced from Cigna broker communication from 8/22/22: 

At Cigna:

  • We understand that sometimes existing customers need to change plans.
  • We would prefer that they remain with Cigna.
  • We want to reduce the work associated with plan changes and free your time to focus on servicing and growing your book of business.
  • We want you to trust that we will protect your interests and that we value you and your current relationship with the customers you’ve enrolled.


Our commitment to you

 When an internal Cigna agent completes a plan change for one of your existing Medicare Advantage customers, you will remain the Agent of Record (AOR) and continue to receive renewal commissions on plan changes.


How will we do this?


Cigna has established a Dedicated Plan Change unit that exists solely to help existing customers transition from one plan to another. This unit is staffed by licensed service representatives, not Sales Agents.


  • When an existing customer makes a plan change by calling our Dedicated Plan Change line directly, your AOR status will remain unchanged.
  • When an existing customer calls customer service inquiring about a plan change, the customer service representative will transfer the customer to our Dedicated Plan Change line, and your AOR status will remain unchanged.
  • When an existing customer initiates a plan change through one of Cigna’s internal field sales or telesales agents our team member will either refer the customer to our Dedicated Plan Change line or complete the plan change themselves. In either case, your AOR status will remain unchanged.

The plan change process


As an agent, you still have the option to fill out a new application to submit for current customers. However, we want you to know that you can feel confident in referring your current Cigna customers interested in changing to a different Cigna plan to our Plan Change Queue.


Your current Cigna customers can call 1-855-649-5105 to connect

to the dedicated Plan Change Queue.


The Agent of Record policy applies to:


  • Active, licensed, appointed and 2023 certified agents at the time of the customer’s plan change.


The Agency of Record policy does not apply when:


  • The original agent is no longer eligible or terminated.
  • Another active, licensed, appointed and 2023 certified, external agent (not employed by Cigna) facilitates the plan change.
  • The plan change is facilitated through an external Cigna appointed call center agent/agency.


SureBridge: Producer Support and other SureBridge service reminders

Producer Support closing early Friday and other SureBridge service reminders

Work is beginning on the conversion to our new policy administration system. All member portal websites will be unavailable this Friday night (8/26), through Sunday (8/28). In addition, the Customer Service call center and Producer Support will be closing early Friday (8/26) at 3:30 CT.

Expected timeline of upcoming changes:

• Aug 24 -29: System conversion for remaining in-force business on the “old” system, excluding List Bill customers (to be converted in Oct. 2022). Policy changes cannot be made until the business is fully converted to the new administration system. will be unavailable for login; messages will be up to let site visitors know.

• Aug 30: Any policy changes received (and suspended) during the system conversion will be released. Billing, changes, etc. with active policies will resume.

• Sept 16: Customers will be emailed about the new customer website and how to register


Special Notes:

List Bill Customers
Although List Bill groups are not being moved at this time, access to will not be available to this group starting Aug. 24. We expect to move these groups in mid-October. We will email you, and them, about changes and access to the new member website.

Agent Self-Service Tool,
This tool will continue to be available for Agent use. You can use it to make changes on behalf of your customer – like an address change, request for duplicate ID cards, or even cancel a plan if need be. Bookmark for quick access.

• Remember requests/changes cannot be made Aug. 24 – 29 until the system move is complete.

Commission amounts may be different for a short time in September and/or October due to the collection of pro-rated premiums and billing draft date changes. Once full monthly premiums begin regular posting on new billing dates, you’ll see full regular commission payments again. Advances, if applicable, will be made based on the full commissionable premium amount.

SureBridge-branded products are underwritten by The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company, which is a UnitedHealthcare company. The UnitedHealthcare brand will be introduced over a period of time to Agents and customers. Its first appearance will be on the new member website coming in September. We are excited about this introduction and will be sharing more in the future on how to begin to leverage this in your conversation with customers.


If you have any questions/issues please contact your CSM representative!

MMO Special Broker Update: Pre-Order Your Medicare Advantage Supplies Now

Click here to place your pre-order for 2023 Medicare Advantage pre-enrollment materials.

Pre-orders must be received by Tuesday, August 30, in order to guarantee delivery prior to October 1. Orders received after August 30 will begin shipping in the order they were received.

What is available for pre-order?

  • Plan Highlights Brochure: provides comparison of plan options by region
  • Pre-Enrollment Kit: includes a marketing brochure, individual Summary of Benefits documents and an enrollment application customized by region.

Want to learn more about our 2023 Medicare Advantage plans? Visit our First Look microsite.


Questions or issues with pre-ordering? Contact your CSM Service Rep! 

Devoted Health: Pre-order PY 2023 Enrollment Kits, 2023 Cert Training & More

Sourced from Devoted Health Broker Communication from 8/11/22:

We are excited to announce that pre-ordering for PY2023 enrollment kits will be available starting 8/15 in our marketing portal. This will allow you to order your 2023 enrollment kits, swag, and other items ahead of the upcoming AEP selling season and will ensure you receive your order prior to 10/1.  Access to our marketing portal is provided 24-48 hours after receiving your Ready To Sell (RTS) email notification. Our marketing portal provides a one stop shop for your sales enablement needs. Register to join us for one of our training sessions that will show you how to use our marketing portal and the items available to you. 

As you know, AEP will be here before you know it.  So if you haven’t already done so, you can get certified for 2023 in our own Agent Portal (new agents should reach out to your upline agency or Agent Support for a unique link). We don’t want you to miss out on any enrollment opportunities in the coming months.  We are thrilled to be on this journey with you, servicing and exceeding your clients’ health care needs.

Need to complete AHIP? 

PY2023 AHIP is now available, use our Devoted Health AHIP Discount Link and receive a $50 discount at checkout.


What you need to get started:

  • Must have an active health insurance license.
  • Will need to complete the onboarding and certification process which includes contracting and certification before you can sell with us.
  • If you have an AHIP, Pinpoint, or NAHU certificate, you can upload your certificate to satisfy the Core Medicare Training requirement.
  • Will need to complete the PY2023 Devoted Health Certification & Assessment which covers how to compliantly market and sell Devoted Health Plans.
  • To continue to receive renewals, you must recertify (annually)  and must be licensed and appointed per state law.
  • Completion of the PY2023 Certification will also allow you to market PY2022 benefits in our current Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Texas service areas.
  • A face-to-face certification is not required.
  • You will receive a “Ready to Sell” email notification when all requirements have been met.


If you have any questions or need to get contracted with Devoted let us know! 

CSG Actuarial: Med Advantage and PDP E-Applications Now Available!

Medicare Advantage and PDP E-Applications are now available on the CSG Agent Quoting and Enrollment Platform!


CSG Actuarial is now offering Medicare Advantage and Part D enrollments on the Market Advisor agent quoting and enrollment tool in the CSG APP inside MedicareCENTER and on your Integrity-upline’s branded quoting tool!


Join CSG Wednesday, August 17 at 11 a.m. EST OR Tuesday August 23 @ 12 pm EST for a full demonstration of the E-Application. Humana and Zing Enrollments available now. More top carriers will be available for AEP.



Key Features of Medicare Advantage/Part D Quoting & Enrollments:

  • Links to Complete HRAs
  • Capture and Store Scope of Appointments
  • Enter and Store Prescription Drugs and Pharmacies
  • County, Plan and Company Enrollment Data
  • Med Adv and Hospital Indemnity Fill the Gaps Cross-selling Tool






Lumico DP News: Coming soon – Lumico Agent Center enhancement

Coming soon: Lumico Agent Center enhancement

Exciting news! Starting August 9, agents who are newly appointed with Lumico will be able choose their own, unique user ID and password to log-in to Lumico Agent Center (LAC).

Here’s what you need to know:

  • When logging into LAC for the first time, agents will be prompted to verify their identity, then register by providing a user ID and password.
  • The user ID field must be unique and requires between 4 and 64 alphanumeric characters. (Only “@”, “.” and “_” are allowed for special characters).
  • Passwords must have a minimum of eight characters, and include at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and one number.

For agents appointed with Lumico prior to 8/9, no action is required at this time; their email address will continue to serve as their user ID.


If you have any questions, please contact CSM’s Michelle Kapp

Aetna’s Think Agent Updates – New Desktop Version



Sourced from Aetna’s Think Agent email communication from 7/28/22:

Great news, Think Agent users!


Aetna has a new desktop version coming to you this Friday, 7/29! With this new version, Aetna is delivering many enhancements and time-saving features that will make doing business with Aetna Medicare faster, simpler and better for you this AEP!

The mobile app will be updated to include these features in the coming weeks.

See below for some of the exciting new features coming with this new desktop version!


  1. Application “Save” option. Begin & save an application and open it later – Right where you left-off!Find the saved draft application in your My Enrollments to re-open, edit and complete.

2.  “Quick Help” in the More component will display you local Aetna Broker Manager’s contact information, as well as other helpful contacts.


3. D-SNP eligibility now displayed on each D-SNP plan card. Verify Medicaid in Think Agent, and we’ll let you know if your client is eligible for the D-SNP plans in the area!


4. Look for these “i” icons beside popular items like eKit & SOA to learn more!


5. Now add your client’s providers to their lead! After – When shopping for plans to enroll – you’ll see network status displayed on the plan cards, helping you to make an enrollment decision.