Aetna to WellCare Billing Transition for Members

Members transitioning from Aetna to WellCare will need to complete a new EFT form for WellCare. The completed form must be mailed (not faxed) and include a copy of a voided check. The mailing address is on the EFT form.

MORE: Important….and encouraged!
Members can also go on to the Member WellCare Portal and select credit card payments, or choose to draft their online checking or savings to make payment on their desired date.

IN THE WORKS: Notification to transitioning members
Aetna is planning a post card campaign to those Aetna EFT transitioning members notifying them to re-register via the portal or call center.


Wellcare 2020 Enrollment App Updates Now Available

Update Required!

We are excited to announce that the WellCare Enrollment Platform is ready for 2020! This mobile application is available on Apple, Android, and Windows 10, and designed to save you time and improve the experience of enrolling new members.

*The Windows and Android versions are now available; Apple will be released later today.

*If you have the 2019 app installed, a manual update is required for 2020.


  • Perfect companion to the WellCare electronic Scope of Appointment capture.
  • No paper application is required when the WellCare Enrollment Platform is used.
  • No cellular/wireless data access, no problem. There are online AND offline modes included.
  • No time lost faxing paper applications.
  • Electronic applications are processed in a fraction of the time compared to paper.

2020 New Features:

  • Seminar section (optional) for preloaded events.
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) form built into the app.
  • Medicare ID double-entry confirmation built in.
  • Policy premium entry (not required) included.

For additional information and instructions to remove the 2019 Mobile SOA and Enrollment app and download the 2020 Mobile SOA and Enrollment app, please click the link below.




As always, your CSM team is here to help! For more information or questions please contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing representative.


Cleveland Clinic, Amwell Join Forces to Create New Virtual Medicine Venture

Article courtesy of  Anjalee Khemlani at Yahoo Finance- 10/22/2019

The Cleveland Clinic — one of the premier hospitals in the U.S. — and telemedicine company American Well are joining forces to expand the use of remote medical services.

In an announcement made on Monday, the two medical giants plan to create a new venture — called The Clinic— to bolster the use of web-based health care delivery. Telemedicine can be used as a way to treat chronic patients who often have the burden of commuting to health facilities, and to treat as elderly patients, a demographic where use of technology have been steadily increasing.

And the latter is a new opportunity for many companies, as the expansion of Medicare Advantage coverage gives them access to the largest payor in the country: The government.

Enter the Cleveland Clinic, whose physical presence in Toronto, London and Abu Dhabi gives it influence that extends beyond U.S. shores.

That helps the institution “very much understand the need to, or obligation…to deliver a Cleveland Clinic level of care to patients around the globe,” William Morris, executive medical officer, told Yahoo Finance.

The Clinic, which will be based in Cleveland, shows that while a physical health center is important, “it’s not the only means to do it,” Morris added .

Cleveland Clinic and Amwell didn’t provide much in the way of details about The Clinic’s costs and operating structure. The new vehicle is being funded by a capital infusion from both the parent companies, yet neither disclosed the amount.

“Both institutions are committing their brand reputation, resources and certainly capital,” Morris said.

“We know that this takes money and focus and effort, and both parent organizations are supporting this and going to nurture this, so it’s going to be unbelievably successful.”

Amwell president and co-CEO Roy Schoenberg told Yahoo Finance that the numerous kinds of health care experiences and expectations can be served via telehealth.

“Today, telehealth and most of the work that was done between us over the last five years, has been around people who proactively needed to reach a clinician for usually an urgent care issues,” he said.

Bolstering technology to narrow the gap between patients and physicians — and getting the latter necessary care — “is a frontier that we all need to challenge ourselves with,” Schoenberg added.

With Cleveland Clinic already a growing force in virtual medicine, Morris believes the new venture will benefit from both of its “parents” as he called it.

“We have years of experience about what works,” he said. In addition to other key elements like cost and profit, Morris added that the industry needs to “dramatically shift our mindset in the care delivery and how we consume the technology. And so we are confident that there is profitability or revenue, but that’s not the goal.”

Ultimately, The Clinic aims to change the way telehealth is used — and both feel confident they can achieve that by joining forces.

“This is not something that can be done by either technology alone, or by the conditions alone, which is the reason why we came together to create the company,” Schoenberg said.

Earn An Extra $50 For Every MA Plan With UHC & The Health Assessments

Exciting News! Health Assessment Payment Available for All Medicare Advantage Plans

Effective Oct. 1, 2019, agents will receive a payment for a qualifying Health Assessments when you use LEAN to submit an application.


How to get started

  • You must be an appointed, licensed and certified UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Solutions agent. Go to to complete certifications.
  • You must complete the required Model of Care Training to be eligible for this program. Log on to Jarvis >Knowledge Center>Training>Certifications. In the ‘Electives’ section of LearnSource, choose Model of Care Training. This training includes valuable information about the benefits of a Health Assessment and instructions on how to use a website to submit the assessment.
  • Once you complete the training, you will be auto-registered into the Health Assessment website. You will receive an email from a company called ‘Revel’ with instructions to access the website.

Once you’re registered

  • After completing a qualifying LEAN enrollment application with the consumer, you can go to the Health Assessment survey page on Jarvis. Qualifying plans include: Medicare Advantage (MA), Medicare Advantage with Part D (MAPD), Dual Special Needs Plan (DSNP) and Chronic Special Needs Plan (CSNP).
  • Log on to the Health Assessment website and help the member complete the assessment.
  • If all eligibility requirements have been met you will receive a $50 payment for each Health Assessment submitted for applications received through LEAN, paid out on your standard commission schedule.
    • Any stand-alone Part D Plan (PDP), AARP® Medicare Supplement, ISNP, or non-commissionable MA/MAPD, DSNP or CSNP is not eligible for payment.
    • Also excluded are any applications that do not result in an enrolled member.
    • A Health Assessment must be submitted for each application submitted to qualify.

Note: Refer to FAQ for additional eligibility requirements

Benefits for Members and Agents Members

The Health Assessment has several benefits, from providing a health summary that members can share with their primary care physician (PCP) to helping identify members who may be eligible for UnitedHealthcare programs that assist them with managing their health. It’s important to note that results from the Health Assessment do not impact enrollment eligibility, membership or costs.

As always, complete a thorough needs assessment to ensure you are offering the most appropriate UnitedHealthcare Medicare plan for the consumer.


Not all MA/MAPD, DSNPs or CSNPs are eligible for this Health Assessment payment program. If a member becomes ineligible due to a non-qualifying chronic condition, DSNP ineligibility or other reason, you may not be eligible for payment.

Integrity’s NEWEST Proprietary Plans: Humana’s New Med Supp ACHIEVE is Now Available in KY!

Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement Plans: Kentucky is ready to sell!

Humana Achieve is now accepting new business in Kentucky with an effective date of November 1 or later. We know how important having everything you need to sell at your finger tips. Below is information on how to access available resources.

View KY Outline of Coverage 

Humana’s ACHIEVE Medicare Supplement is a plan that offers many of the same benefits as Humana’s premier line of products at a great value.

If you are currently contracted with Humana, you already have access to Achieve. There is no additional work on your end so you can focus on serving your clients!

View Humana’s Achieve FAQ’s

PLUS… Producers can earn uncapped bonuses with a minimum of 3 undwritten cases in a month with Achieve plans! 


How to get a Quote:

  1. Visit CSG Actuarial 
  2. Sign in
  3. Medicare Supplement Run Quote
  4. Input an effective date of 10/1/19 or later.
  1. Log onto Vantage
  2. Under Quote & Enroll, click Enter Fastapp
  3. Enter Zip code
  4. Answer questions on page
  5. View rates

How to order Achieve Med Supp sales kits:

  1. Log onto Vantage from – or
  2. Under the Sales & Marketing header, click on Medicare Sales Materials
  3. Click on Medicare Supplement Only Request
  4. Check that all information is correct and click Next; choose the state and insert the quantity of kits needed
  5. Click Next and Submit

How to view FastApp training video:

  1. Log onto Vantage
  2. Under the Education header, click Humana MarketPoint University
  3. Enter Med Supp in the search bar
  4. Click on Launch FastApp – How to complete a Medicare Supplement Plan Enrollment Video


View Humana’s Medicare Supplement Contact Card

Centene/WellCare Merger Gets Approval From Five More States

Article courtesy of WellCare/Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Centene Corp. and Tampa-based WellCare Health Plans Inc.’s planned $17.3 merger has gained the approval of five more states.

Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Ohio and Texas join 17 other states that approved of St. Louis-based Centene Corp’s (NYSE: CNC) acquisition of WellCare (NYSE: WCG). This latest round of approvals brings the total count of insurance departments that have signed off on the merger to 24. The companies originally sought the approval of 27 departments.

“We are making important progress in our merger process and are pleased that state insurance regulators continue to see the benefits that our combination will bring to recipients and communities,” Michael F. Neidorff, Centene’s chairman, president and CEO, said in a statement. “We will continue to work with the remaining state insurance regulators to demonstrate how we will provide recipients with access to affordable, high-quality services and products as well as deliver fair compensation for providers and create savings for states.”

The two companies expect the deal to be completed in the first half of 2020. WellCare is one of the Tampa Bay area’s largest public companies, according to Tampa Bay Business Journal research.

Humana’s PDP Vendor Service Level Issues

Humana is committed to supporting agents in helping members find the best plan for them. Humana previously communicated a toll free number for your PDP members to call if they wanted to change to another PDP. At this time Humana is experiencing long hold times that may not result in the best experience for members.

  • Due to these longer than expected hold times, we encourage agents to complete the plan change themselves using Enroll Hub, AOA, DMM, (agent will be protected) or the abbreviated paper enrollment form.
  • Humana will advise when service levels return to an acceptable level
  • Remember! Some PDP members experiencing increased premiums may find that a Humana Medicare Advantage plan provides them with benefits and convenience of a prescription drug plan and helps with healthcare costs not covered by Original Medicare and includes lots of other great benefits.

View The Agent of Record Protecion Pledge


We have updated the Where to Submit Applications document to reflect the most current faxes, email addresses, and mailing addresses for the carriers.

We hosted a webinar providing some key pointers, tips, and reminders for having a succecssful 2020 AEP. Check out the recorded version and the presenattion slides for reference!



A few reminders to point out: 

  • WELLCARE AGENT BARCODE: We mentioned in the webinar some incorrect information on the WellCare agent barcode. The WellCare barcode it is NOT REQUIRED for submission on the application, but is encouraged for tracking purposes!
  • WHERE TO SUBMIT APPS: Please view our Where to Submit Applications document for fax numbers and mailing addresses for carriers.

REMINDER: Use The 2020 Link for Medicare Center & Update Your Marketing Shopping Link!


We have numerous agents still using the 2019 link for Medicare Center to try and enroll and create new client profiles for any 2020 AEP business.

 Please make sure to clear your bookmarks and access Medicare Center for all 2020 plans and enrollment by simply visiting and login as normal.

NOTE: Agents may need to clear their cookies and cache from their web browser or risk being redirected to the 2019 site.

For Remaining 2019 Effective Dates:

MedicareCenter in its current state only shows 2020 plan information.

To view/enroll in 2019 plans, use the following link:


Please view the 2020 Product User Guide for more information on how to use the Medicare Center platform.


Medicare Center Personal URL’s (PURLS)

Plan Year 2020 Personal URL’s for Medicare Center have been updated also. You will need to update your PURL if it is located in your email signatures, websites, or social media.  Here’s how: 

  1. After logging into your Medicare Center account, click ‘My Account’
  2. Under the Marketing Shopping Link, make sure the URL says ‘2020; and  then click the copy button and obtain your new shopping link or your  Personalized URL (PURL).

Enrollment for WellCare and Allwell/Centene has been restored

The enrollment process for WellCare and Allwell/Centene was stopped briefly on MedicareCenter at the start of AEP and has now been reactivated.

Enrollment form tip for MMO cases

MMO requires an email address on the enrollment form.  If a client doesn’t have an email put in the email field.

Updates to Scope of Appointment Process:

  • A Scope of Appointment is required for all sales appointments. We recommend email as the simplest method.  If a paper SOA is completed, you must follow all Carrier and CMS Compliance Guidelines. This includes providing the SOA to the perspective destination and retaining the SOA as required by CMS.
  • Electronic scopes are stored internally, so there is no need to worry about paper scope with electronic enrollment.
  • An electronic scope will be converted into a PDF to be able to be printed for 2020. This will help with any carriers that require a scope with each application.
  • The ability to upload a paper scope into Medicare Center was also added for 2020!


For more information or questions please contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Sales representative

CSM’s Tips & Tricks for a Successful 2020 AEP

Another AEP is upon us and Cornerstone Senior Marketing wants you to be fully prepared to have the best annual enrollment period yet! 

We hosted a webinar providing some key pointers, tips, and reminders for having a succecssful 2020 AEP. Check out the recorded version and the presenattion slides for reference!



A few reminders to point out: 

  • WELLCARE AGENT BARCODE: We mentioned in the webinar some incorrect information on the WellCare agent barcode. The WellCare barcode it is NOT REQUIRED for submission on the application, but is encouraged for tracking purposes!
  • WHERE TO SUBMIT APPS: Please view our Where to Submit Applications document for fax numbers and mailing addresses for carriers.



For more information or questions please contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing representative.