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Register via the Anthem Broker Connection website at will need to use Google Chrome web browser)


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Mutual of Omaha’s Ready to Sell Status Monitoring Now Available on SPA

Mutual of Omaha announcement from 8/31/2020:


What is New?
Recently, we enhanced the user experience on Sales Professional Access (SPA), to include the ability for you to be able to see your Ready to Sell Status for Mutual of Omaha Rx Prescription Drug Plans. This enhancement will give all levels in a hierarchy, for PDP, line of sight to their Ready to Sell status. This status update will include items that may be missing or need to be completed, in order to successfully be Ready to Sell.

How Can the RTS Status Be Viewed?
Once you log into SPA, on the homepage, you will find a Reports tab. Clicking on the Reports tab will take you to a Case Monitoring link. From the link, you or an upline can click on the “My Status” link to bring up the detailed RTS Status page for the current SPA profile. This information includes your Producer Number, NPN, Producer Name, Ready to Sell Status, AHIP/Compliance status, and Product Training status.

If you have not completed a portion of the steps or training needed to be Ready to Sell 2021 PDP, the status field for that step or section would remain blank until that section has been successfully completed. Once a step has been completed, a completion date will be automatically populated for that step.

Once completed, you or an upline will click the “Summary” link to bring up any uplines or downlines RTS Status. Sales Professional Access will store the current and upcoming plan year statuses.

Ready to Sell?
If you are unsure of the steps to be Ready to Sell 2021 Prescription Drug Products, you can reference the chart below or view a short video link here. These provide the important steps a producer needs to successfully complete to be Ready to Sell, each plan year.  If you are unsure of your Ready to Sell Status, visit and check out the status, effective September 2, 2020.

2021 Anthem Enrollment Kits Now Available on CustomPoint

2021 Enrollment Kits now available on CustomPoint for Pre-order

If you completed your AHIP Certification by August 1st, you can now pre-order enrollment kits. Pre-ordering means you’ll have materials earlier in the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) marketing period. With kits in hand when AEP kicks off, you won’t miss a single opportunity when clients are shopping for coverage.

Pre-order your 2021 enrollment kits through CustomPoint between now and August 31 and your kits will be delivered to you prior to October 1, 2020.

Need translated kits? You can place your orders for available translated kits at the same time you order your English kits. Translated kits are scheduled to deliver September 25 through October 7.

Kits ordered after August 31 will not be guaranteed delivery by October 1, so certify early so you can order early. Pre-orders placed during the month of August will be processed and shipped first.


How do I order enrollment kits?

Within 24-48 hours of completing your 2021 certification, you receive an e-mail from Medicare Sales Training-Anthem-SM confirming your Ready to Sell status. Ready to Sell means you are currently licensed, certified and appointed. The subject line of the email appears as “Access to CustomPoint — Medicare Sales and Marketing Materials.” This e-mail includes an attachment with instructions on how to order your Medicare Sales Marketing Materials from CustomPoint.  It also includes your CustomPoint User ID and Account.

  • If you are new to the website, we’ll send you a separate e-mail with your password.
  • If you are a returning CustomPoint user and do not recall your password, please contact to reset your password.


Ordering best practices

  DO   DON’T
Vary your ordering quantities based on how many plans you expect to sell. Order the same number of kits, regardless of your sales expectations (i.e., 100 of every kit).
Order enough during the pre-order period (August 7 – August 31) to last you through October. Wait until September or October to place the order for kits you need for October – timely delivery can’t be guaranteed.
Order more kits after Star Ratings are updated at the end of October. Order a full year’s amount prior to plan Star Ratings being updated.



Everything you need to know about ordering can be found on the home page of CustomPoint, where you can access an online user guide.


Note: Marketing may not begin before 10/1/20 and AEP applications cannot be accepted before 10/15/20.




Anthem Reminders on 2021 Certification

The 2021 Anthem Agent Certification site is open.  Below are a few friendly reminders.  Agents can access the certification site via the Broker Portal.

Friendly reminders:

  • Certification link:
  • Please make sure to direct all downline agents to use External-SelfReg (with hyphen, exactly as shown) in the Access Code Field.
  • Agents must have current licensure, certification, and appointment in every state they sell in to be eligible for commission payment of sales or pre-order/order Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan enrollment kits. In order to receive commissions on your sales or renewals for 2021, you must keep a current licensure and appointment, and finish the 2021 certification.
  • If an agent was not previously certified for 2020 and does the 2021 Certification training, it will certify them for the rest of 2020 as well as all of 2021.
  • From your Appointment and Certification Status report, please make sure all agents maintain an active license on file.  If agents are no longer with your agency, please send the termination request to  If an agent is active but our report reflects an expired license, please send a copy to so we may update their records.
  • In order to market the SNP plans, agents must complete the SNP and Part D modules, as well as the HMO or PPO module depending on the type of SNP plan available in your area.  If any one of those trainings are not completed, they will not be certified for the SNP plans**Please make sure to advise brokers of this requirement if they are planning to sell any of our SNP plans**
  • PDP module is required for all MAPD products.
  • All agents who have completed the necessary requirements to be Ready to Sell should appear on your Appointment and Certification report Status report with 2021 RTS as Yes.  If an agent is missing from the report, please contact us to review the agent’s appointment and certification status.
  • Any issues related to the certification site, please send an email to and make sure your email includes ALL of the information listed below.
    • Agents Name:
      Date of Birth:
      Last 4 digits of your SSN:
    • Provide a brief explanation of the issue and screenshots


If you have any other questions or concerns please reach out to your CSM Service Rep

Medical Mutual of Ohio July Updates: 2021 Certs and More

Medicare July 2020 Updates
  • Medical Mutual’s 2021 Medicare Advantage certification is now available. To access the certification, follow these steps:
    • Visit MyBrokerLink and log in.
    • Go to the Sales & Quoting tab and click Medicare Advantage.
    • Select Training and Certification.
You will be required to complete the AHIP certification before the Medical Mutual modules. If you did not get certified for 2020, this certification will apply for both 2020 and 2021.
  • Medicare Advantage Online Enrollment Enhancement: MMO is continually evaluating their processes to ensure brokers can assist clients in the way they are most comfortable during COVID-19. Many agents are moving toward a no-contact approach and using tools such as Zoom to secure enrollment. If you are using Zoom or a similar program, you can secure the enrollment form with the client (applicant). You must give the applicant control to sign and complete the enrollment process. In doing so, it is MMO’s expectation that the client is driving the enrollment form, not the agent. This feature can be used for both Individual and Medicare product lines.


  • Effective July 1, 2020, Medical Mutual is waiving copays for in-network PCP visits and in-network lab and diagnostic testing performed on the same day as PCP visits for all Medicare Advantage members through Dec. 31, 2020. Members are receiving an email or letter telling them about the applicable change(s).


  • MMO recently created two Turning 65 fliers that agents can send to clients who are aging in to Medicare. View sample #1. View sample #2. If you are interested in customization, please let me know.



  • As part of MMO’s ongoing Member Health Quality campaign, they will be sending in-home Hemoglobin A1C Test kits to approximately 2,500 Medicare Advantage plan members who have been diagnosed with diabetes and are due for this screening based on prior claims.


  • As you know, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services guidance states that individuals are not permitted to be enrolled in a Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plan at the same time. Please guide your clients on how to terminate their Medicare Supplement plan if they are enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan.

UHC 2021 Certification

A Message from UnitedHealthcare:

2021 Certifications Now Open!

It’s that time!  You can now certify to sell 2021 UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Solutions products.

What you need to know:

  • NEW! Access 2021 UnitedHealthcare Certifications in our new learning management system called Learning Lab for simplified use, clearer assignments and easier tracking.
  • NEW! All Certification modules and assessments are available in both English and Spanish.
  • Passing the prerequisite tests (Medicare Basics Test, Ethics and Compliance Test, and AARP Course) certifies you to sell Medicare Advantage* (MA), Prescription Drug and AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans from UnitedHealthcare plans!
  • To sell Chronic or Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNP), take the Chronic/Dual SNP module and test after you have passed all your prerequisite tests.
  • Don’t forget to take 2021 Events Basics if you plan to conduct in-person or virtual events!

How to take certifications

  • Certification modules and tests are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week Jarvis>Knowledge Center>Learning Lab.
  • You will have six attempts to complete an assessment with a minimum passing score of 85 percent.
  • Answer a question correctly and you’ll move immediately to the next question; answer a question incorrectly and you’ll receive feedback that it was wrong and then you will move to the next question.

UnitedHealthcare will once again accept AHIP’s Medicare + + Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training, which satisfies the requirement for the UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions Certification module, Medicare Basics Test (including Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug and Medicare Supplement Plans). If you wish to receive the $50 discount on AHIP from UnitedHealthcare, you must access the AHIP/UHG co-branded website via the link provided in Learning Lab.



For more information, refer to the 2021 Certification User Guide on Learning Lab or contact your CSM Service Rep

Medical Mutual of Ohio 2021 MAPD Certification Info

June 24, 2020
Special Broker Update
2021 MAPD Certification Available Beginning June 29, 2020
Category: Training
Applies to: Medicare Advantage
It’s time to complete your Medical Mutual Medicare Advantage certification. You must complete the AHIP certification before you can access the Medical Mutual certification modules. AHIP will automatically share your certificate of completion with Medical Mutual. The Medical Mutual certification link can be found in your MyBrokerLink account under Sales & Quoting, Medicare Advantage, Training and Certification. Completion of all modules is required before you can sell Medical Mutual Medicare Advantage products for 2021. Brokers are given a $50 discount by accessing AHIP training through our Medical Mutual link.


Training Modules and Additional Resources
Modules can be downloaded from Web Courseworks upon module completion. These will be in PDF format. This year we combined the HMO and PPO product modules into one for a more streamlined product training experience. We want to remind you that the educational video plays at the end of the Dos & Don’ts: Formal Educational Events module. You must remain on the first slide of the video for at least one minute. We recommend watching the entire video, but you will have the option to stop the video and complete the module. This video is also posted on MyBrokerLink for future reference and use under Knowledge Center, Reference Materials, Medicare Advantage.


Product Highlights

  • Expanded $0 HMO approach with a new option to complement our current Classic $0
  • Secure plan now being offered in 44 counties
  • OTC and enhanced dental on more plans
  • Reduction in copays on most plans
If you have not yet certified for 2020, completion of the 2021 certification will allow you to sell for the remainder of 2020 and all of 2021.

Please watch out for upcoming product meetings in your region. Contact your Individual Account Manager with any questions.


Allwell AHIP/2021 Contracting

2021 AHIP Now Available & Reimbursement:


Attention Valued Partner,


AHIP is the first step in our annual certification process and 2021 AHIP is now available and ready to be taken.


·     Complete AHIP through our training site to access discounted pricing ($125 vs $175).

·     Click here for the Centene/AHIP co-branded link.


AHIP Reimbursement:


Qualify for REIMBURSEMENT of 2021 AHIP Certification Training fees, paid after meeting a few key requirements:


·     Reimbursement is available for actual cost paid by you or your upline, up to $125.

·     Must be certified and contracted to sell 2021 Centene plans.

·     Must have a minimum of 10 new sales with 1/1/2021 effective dates.

·     Qualifying sales must remain active with the plan through 3/31/2021.

·     Reimbursement payout will occur in April 2021.


Training Resources:


Click here for the Centene training site User Guide

Click here for the Centene training site video walk-through (best viewed in Chrome)


Annual Certification Training Reminders:


2021 Annual Certification Training (ACT) will be available in the coming weeks, and one, combined ACT will certify you to market and sell all Centene products, including MA/MAPD and PDP:


·     Allwell

·     Ascension Complete

·     Fidelis Care

·     Health Net

·     WellCare


Completing the ACT course will certify you to sell both 2020 and 2021 Centene plans.


Contracting Reminders:


As a reminder, we have combined our separate contracts into one Centene Broker Contract.


Action Required:


·     Contracting will begin soon and should be completed as soon as possible but no later than September 30, 2020.

·     All brokers must review, acknowledge, and complete the combined Centene Broker Contract.


Contracting and Annual Certification Training Reminders:


·     You will not be eligible to market or sell WellCare products until the combined Centene Broker Contract and 2021 Annual Certification Training (ACT) is completed.

·     You will not be eligible to market or sell any Centene or WellCare products for plan year 2021 until the combined Centene Broker Contract and 2021 ACT is completed.

·     If you do not complete the combined Centene Contract or complete 2021 ACT before December 31, 2020, your Broker Status will be changed to Suspended, and you will not be eligible to receive commissions for any prior business, including renewals.

·     Completing the combined Centene Contract will not change your current contract level.

AHIP 2021 Training Season Updates

AHIP understands the importance of your Medicare training,
and we want to make sure you stay informed and up to date on the changes for the upcoming training season

  • Does my Medicare Advantage carrier only accept AHIP’s Marketing Medicare Advantage + Fraud, Waste and Abuse training?

    The majority of AHIP member organizations and partners ONLY accept AHIP’s Marketing Medicare Advantage + Fraud, Waste and Abuse training to meet their training requirements. AHIP strongly recommends agents and brokers contact their plan administrator to make sure they are meeting their training requirements for the 2021 season.

  • Are there any changes to the training content for the 2021 season?

    Yes, AHIP’s Marketing Medicare Advantage + Fraud, Waste and Abuse training is updated annually. To help users easily navigate through the training, streamlined content will now include an outline that details all topics covered within each module.
  • Are there any changes to the training process for returning agents and brokers?

    Yes, returning agents and brokers are still not required to review the content slides in Modules 1-3. However, returning agents and brokers are required to complete the review question portion in Modules 1-3 before proceeding forward. Review questions are no longer listed throughout the modules and are now located at the end of each module for easier access. Along with an unlimited number of submissions, review questions will include feedback and sources to assist agents and brokers with retention. These review questions will serve as a study tool and help users identify which areas of the training require more focus before accessing the final exam. Review questions are not counted towards the AHIP Final Exam and are for study purposes only.
  • Is AHIP’s Marketing Medicare Advantage + Fraud, Waste and Abuse training affiliated with any other vendor training program?

    AHIP’s Marketing Medicare Advantage + Fraud, Waste and Abuse training is not affiliated with any other vendor training program, including NAHU.

  • Does AHIP have a FAQ section on the website?

    Yes, for the upcoming 2021 season, AHIP will launch a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the Medicare website to help users quickly find answers about the training process.

When will the 2021 AHIP Marketing Medicare Advantage + Fraud, Waste and Abuse training become available?

AHIP will launch the 2021 Marketing Medicare Advantage + Fraud, Waste and Abuse training on June 22, 2020.

Anthem Partnered with AHIP for 2021 Medicare Certification Training