More Enhancements to MediGold’s Broker Portal

The broker team at MediGold is always striving to improve the reports and applications available to agents so that you have the tools necessary to manage your MediGold book of business.  MediGold has announced new enhancements to the book of business reports on the broker portal.

Agents that have accessed the MediGold  book of business reports in the past may know that this report only showed currently active members.  If a member had disenrolled, or their plan was cancelled prior to the effective date, their information did not show on the report.

The broker portal’s book of business report now shows all member status’ including those disenrolled and if their plan was cancelled.  Another column was also added to show the reason why the member has canceled MediGold and if they joined another plan, or if they are now deceased.

Also, you can now export your member records to an Excel spreadsheet. The information that can be exported includes the member name, member ID #, date of birth, gender, name of plan, date of enrollment and term date, as well as their mailing address.

Stay tuned for additional enhancements to come from MediGold!


If you have any questions, please contact your CSM rep.

Google Ads – Certification for Health Insurance Advertisers (U.S.) Required

April 20, 2021.  Terri Ozoroski-Ghen.  Director, Monetized Policy, Trust & Safety


Our top priority is to create a safe and trustworthy experience for users, whether they’re searching for information online or interacting with ads across our platforms. That’s why we have robust Google Ads policies outlining the types of advertising we do and don’t allow.

When developing our advertising policies, we often work with outside experts to ensure we’re factoring in relevant government regulations and industry accreditation programs. This helps us to connect users directly to the advertisers who both meet the latest standards and offer the product or service directly. For example, we have a longstanding certification program for online pharmacies which limits ads for the sale of prescription drugs to those from licensed pharmacies in countries where those ads are legal. Similarly, last year, we introduced a new policy to restrict promotions for official government services like passport renewals, visa applications or changing mailing addresses to the governments or their delegated providers.

Today, we are announcing our plans for a new certification program for health insurance advertisers in the United States. With this certification, we will only allow ads from government exchanges, first-party providers and licensed third-party brokers. In order to run ads, advertisers will need to provide documentation showing they are permitted under state law to sell health insurance. This includes plans for individual health insurance coverage, short-term coverage and Medicare, among others. Additionally, for private-sector providers promoting Affordable Care Act-compliant health plans, we will also require proof they are registered with the U.S. government to do so.

When people come to Google with questions about healthcare coverage and insurance plans, we are committed to creating a high-quality ad experience – one where they’re connected to trustworthy providers, and the promotion is clear from the ad itself. This new certification creates an additional layer of protection on top of our longstanding misrepresentation policies, which prohibit advertisements with misleading claims about insurance plans or the advertiser’s affiliation with the government.

Advertisers can begin to apply for certification on May 3, 2021. If they do not complete certification by June 2, 2021, they will no longer be able to serve their ads. For more information on the certification program and Google Ads policies visit our Advertiser Help Center.

Get Ready for Lumico Medigap Solutions- Coming June 2021!

Lumico Medigap Solutions, brought to you by Elips Life Insurance Company, makes it simple to choose and sell products.  Here’s why:

  • It has some of the lowest rates in the market
  • As well as strong fast start incentives
  • And an easy, streamlined app process

Get ready for Lumico Medigap Solutions. Opt-in or contracting available now.




Contact Michelle Kapp for more information and how to start selling Lumico Medicare Supplement plans!


NE OHIO: Lake Health System joins University Hospital System

Lake Health officially joins University Hospitals system through membership substitution

CLEVELAND and CONCORD, Ohio – University Hospitals and Lake Health have announced
they have completed membership substitution which officially makes Lake Health a member of the
UH health system.




If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to Jaime Lebron (NE Ohio Sales Rep) for any further details.

Humana Medicare Supplement Important Update

Posted from a Humana MS communication on 4/16//21:

New Proof of Guaranteed Issue Requirement for Med Supp Submissions for Replacement of Coverage

Beginning the weekend of 4/17/2021, Med Supp applications submitted as GI due to Replacement of Coverage will need to include proof of prior coverage showing loss of Medicare Advantage/MAPD or Group/Employer Coverage. Based on this new requirement, applications submitted as GI for replacing prior coverage will pend. Other qualifying GI right scenarios, OEP, and UW submissions will continue to follow existing processes.

This change is specific to applications submitted as GI when an applicant answers yes to the “are you replacing MA or employer coverage” questions during the application process*.

During the enrollment process, if the enrollment team determines that the application was submitted as GI for replacement of coverage and no verification of prior coverage was included with the application, a communication will be sent to the Agent and Member.

Examples of forms of verification of prior coverage include: Disenrollment Letter, Plan Exit Letter, Denied Claim, or Letter from Employer stating coverage is ending.

No additional Humana form for prior coverage has been created to go along with the verification outside of the standard enrollment forms. A form of the verification above will be all that will be needed in addition to the standard enrollment forms.

When submitting applications when loss of prior coverage is the GI right, proof of loss of coverage can be submitted as follows:

  • Paper Applications
    • Verification of prior coverage should be submitted along with the application using standard submission methods of Fax, Doc, Transmitter or Mail
  • Electronic Submissions via Fast App
    • Verification of prior coverage should be submitted immediately following electronic app submission to prevent agent/member outreach via:
      • Fax – (502) 508-9003
      • Email –
      • Note, if proof of loss of coverage is being submitted via email, proof of loss of coverage and the applicants name should be in the subject line. Fax submissions should include applicants name, agent name and SAN on coversheet

*Applications submitted with special Guaranteed Issue rights i.e. Birthday or Annual rules (CA, OR, MO, and WA) or State Regulations offering expanded GI rights (CT, MA, NY, and VT) are excluded from this process change.

Important AHIP Training News: 2022 Launch Date

From AHIP Email Communication on 4/18/21:

AHIP’s Medicare + Fraud, Waste, and Abuse training platform:

New Launch Date Coming Soon (It’ll be worth the wait. We’re making the best program even better)

As we’ve shared with you, AHIP will launch an entirely new interactive platform for its Medicare + Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (MFWA) program.

Originally planned to launch on Monday, April 19, we’ve moved the date to make a few additional enhancements. As we put the finishes touches on the platform, we can assure you that the new site will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, you’ll still be able to access the current site.


More Details Coming Soon

Keep your eye open for an email with the new launch date. Once available, you’ll find an enhanced user experience that builds on AHIP’s 50+ years of expertise. This one-stop resource will offer even more of what you need to learn, achieve, succeed, and grow your business, including:

• Streamlined site navigation that’s even easier and more seamless
• Enhanced mobile-friendly technology
• Easy language changing: Switch between English and Spanish any time
• Elevated security functions
• And much more

Looking ahead: Plan year 2022 training starts June 21, 2021

Mark your calendar: AHIP’s plan year 2022 MFWA online training starts on June 21, 2021. Be among the 100,000+ agents and brokers who return to AHIP year after year for their CMS-required training. Their reasons include AHIP’s unmatched expertise, engaging content, and proven value. Discover all the reasons it’s the industry’s most widely recognized MFWA training.



Questions? We’re here to help. Contact your CSM rep today!



Exciting New Upgrade with MedicareCENTER!

RE: Client Management Tool

A convenient and timely update…

Our multi-function MedicareCENTER platform has added a new feature. You can now import your client lists into the Client Management Tool (CRM) from an Excel or CSV file!


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to import clients:

Step 1. Login to MedicareCENTER

Step 2. On the far right click the Client Management button

Step 3. Once inside the Client Management Tool, click the Import button

Step 4. Use the downloadable template to fill in your client’s data

Step 5. Drag and Drop or Upload the completed file for your clients in the box indicated below:


Step 6. Preview of the data drop will appear.  Click the Next Buttons to move the process forward:

Step 7. Drag the appropriate column to corresponding values inside of this page then click Next:

Step 8. Click Finish and then the client data will display


If you have any follow up questions to the CRM import on MedicareCENTER, please reach out to your CSM rep.


Clever RX Quick Update: How to Stand Out

Tips from Clever RX- HOW TO BE A STAND OUT:

Partners frequently ask us our thoughts on displaying stands with their Clever cards at doctor’s offices and other various locations. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Just because you’ve given the stand and cards out doesn’t mean they are being displayed. Clever Fix: Follow up. You have to continually check-in that the cards are actually being displayed.
2. Keep in mind you are working to change behavior. Most Americans don’t realize that their insurance isn’t always giving them the best price and that prices can change from pharmacy to pharmacy. Clever Fix: Be sure to include one of our 5 x 7 stand inserts while also educating the receptionists and doctors on the importance of sharing Clever. This too will need to be followed up on multiple times.


If this is a part of your Clever business plan, we recommend ordering stands from somewhere like Amazon or through us by emailing


Any follow up questions can go to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Sales rep.

Coming Soon- Devoted Health’s Agency Access to Agent Portal

From Devoted Health communication on 4/7/2021:

We are excited to share that we will be launching agency access to Devoted Health’s Agent Portal in the coming weeks. Agent Portal is a proprietary one-stop-shop platform that our team has built dedicated to making selling with Devoted Health plans easier for our partners like yourself. On this portal, you will be able to find:
• Summary of all of your active downline agents, including NPN, RTS status by state and application activity in the Agents page
• Visibility into each downline agent’s book of business from the Clients page (this information refreshes daily at the end of the day)
• Monthly commissions statements for payments made directly to your agency in the Commissions tab
Applications: Agency accounts are limited to read-only access in the Agent Portal, this means you will not have access to create or edit applications

Agency commissions statements: the commissions statements in Agent Portal and Evolve will be the same – it’s just one less portal that you have to log into. Historical statements are not available yet, however, you can still access those in Evolve.

Look out for an email from us with log-in instructions in the coming weeks. This email will be sent to your agency plan admin. user. If there is a change, please email  with updated information.

Read our Quick Start Guide to help you get started! 

Important Reminders

Don’t forget to email to inform us of any agent terminations within 5-10 business days so we can offboard agents who are no longer in your downline

  • Be sure to monitor your agency’s 2021 RTS Certification Report to ensure agents have completed their 2021 certification and are appointed properly before they sell Devoted Health
  • Remind your agents to complete their CE requirements and stay on top of their health insurance license renewals to avoid non-compliant sales


If you have any questions on the upcoming additions with Devoted’s agent portal, please contact your CSM rep. 

Aetna Final Expense Update

Per Aenta Senior Supplemental Insurance ebulletin from 4/5/21: 


Now that Protection SeriesSM CLI Final Expense whole life insurance plans are available (view plan availability here), the last application signature date for the existing ACI/CLI Final Expense plans will be April 9, 2021 in these states:

  • ACI Final Expense: AL, AR, AZ, CO, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MO, MS, MT, NC, NE, NM, NV, OH, OK, PA, SC, TX, UT, VA, WI, WV, WY
  • CLI Final Expense: ID, NH, NJ, OR, RI


If you have any further questions, please contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing rep