UHC AARP Enhancements to the A2O Program

UHC AARP Med Sup has improved the Authorized to Offer (A2O) program for AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company.

Rewards are now easier to reach!

If you’re an A2O agent: You no longer need to sell 5 accepted and paid AARP Medicare Supplement Plans to be an A2O (formerly known as Level 1) agent.

Please note the changes for Level 1 agents does NOT remove the requirement that agents at the Agent level (only) must write at least one policy in order to meet the Sales Evaluation Period guidelines! 

Now, step up to Elite: To become an A2O Elite (formerly known as Level 2) agent, you need 30 or more accepted and paid AARP Medicare Supplement Plan sales or 150 active AARP Medicare Supplement members (instead of 200).




If you have any questions, reach out to your CSM Sales rep.

Anthem State Appointment Renewal Fee Issue

Anthem recently sent out the request for brokers to log in to NoMoreForms to pay their OH, VA, and NV state appointment fees.  Unfortunately, NoMoreForms is experiencing an issue with their payments.  It is easy to miss as it looks like the payment is going through but you get the email below.  Problem being UNKNOWN TOKEN.  A representative with NoMoreForms they are aware of the issue and are working on a resolution.

If you have any questions reach out to your CSM rep

Aetna Ascend Update: Extra Help Eligibility and MBI Verification

Are you using Ascend to enroll DSNP clients??  If so, here is some great news.

WiPro functionality has been added into Ascend to verify Extra Help eligibility and MBI verification.  This functionality should be used to see if a prospect qualifies for Extra Help. You also benefit by making sure that the MBI that is given to them is entered in correctly and the enrollment is not pended due to invalid MBI.

Aetna is still working to enable functionality for Medicaid Eligibility – so stay tuned!

To verify Extra Help, your agents can follow the screen shot below:

Verifying MBIs should significantly reduce the need for additional information in this category.  To verify MBI, please see below:

Humana 2021 Certification Information, Webinars and Training Guides

  • Both Certification and Recertification for plan year 2021 will launch at noon Eastern time on June 30, 2020.  This does not include Spanish translation.  Spanish versions will be available on a delayed basis.
  • Agents will have 6 attempts to successfully pass testing for AHIP.
  • There will no longer be Humana-specific final test at the conclusion of Humana’s agent guidance for Certification or Recertification content.
  • And going forward, Agents will be certified to sell ALL Medicare Advantage products after successfully completing Certification or Recertification for PY 21. There will not be separate PDP and MAPD trainings.


Check out Humana’s upcoming webinars on CSM’s event calendar 


Remember you can find the latest webinars and resources on Humana MarketPoint University via Humana Vantage.

WellCare Extended SEP: COVID-19

CMS Added Updates to the Medicare Plan Finder

From the NAHU FMO Council Members:

  • Plan Card Redesign on Plan Results Page –  CMS indicated the changes that were made were based on User Feedback and the change they made for the Default Sort to be “Lowest Drug Cost + Premium”.  Thus they wanted to reduce the size of the Premium font since it is not the most important data point.  CMS agreed to revisit the redundant text “Doesn’t include: $144.60 Standard Part B Premium” which is listed with Every Plan.
  • Upcoming Changes (Pre-AEP)
    • Online Enrollment Form will be pre-filled for Authenticated Users – Name, Address, Medicare Number, Coverage Date.
    • Medigap Quoting Tool – We highlighted our concerns with Medigap quotes varying greatly based on a number of different factors (e.g. Underwriting Rules that vary by State, Birthday Rules in Different States, Underwriting Classes and Prices by Different/Same Carriers in Different States, Varying Household Discount Pricing Rules, etc.).  We requested another deeper discussion/review with CMS prior to a launch of this functionality (currently scheduled for July).
    • Drug Frequency Changes to allow for 1 per 12 months, 1 per 6 months options to be deployed in July-August.  This is a BIG WIN!
    • Pharmacy Search Enhancements to be deployed in July-August – allow user to Search by Name and Distance and improved Map functionality.  Also allow user to edit Pharmacy from Plan Details Page.  Another Big Win!
    • Improved Sort & Filter on Plan Results to be deployed July – August.  Specifically, allow users to Sort by Plan Type (e.g. Cost Plan, MSP, HMO, PPO, and even the new $35 Insulin Priced Plans) This is another item that has been on our list.
    • Tweaks to Print Pages.  Improved spacing to tighten pages and reduce number of pages.  (Plan Comparisons with Drug Level pricing detail will NOT be available.). A couple of other low-hanging fruit that we are requesting:  add the “Zip Code”, “Date Printed” and “Page Numbers” to the Report Printout Header or Footer.
  • Future Changes (2021):
    • Provider Directories Integration – this will be very helpful for Beneficiaries to search for plans that cover their providers.
    • Ability to create an Account without Medicare NumberThis is a change that should address the “Anonymous Search / Save Issue” and will be targeted for 2021.  This function will be available to Beneficiaries, Caregivers, SHIP, Agents, etc that want to be able to save their Drug List information without using their Medicare Number.  CMS has agreed to include NAHU in the Pre-Work Planning meetings for this functionality.

MediGold COVID-19 SEP Update

This is an important announcement for all agents who offer MediGold Medicare Advantage products to their customers.

On March 13, 2020, a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) State of Emergency was declared by the President of the United States for all states due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). As a result, in accordance with, 42 CFR section 422.62(b)(4) and also the CMS Medicare Managed Care Manual (Enrollment and Disenrollment, Chapter 2, Section 30.4.4), all states and counties are granted a Special Election Period (SEP) through July 31, 2020.

Please keep in mind, this continues to be a fluid situation. If there are updates to this SEP, we will keep you informed.

Click here to view the HPMS enrollment guidelines, and compliance and eligibility requirements.


UCT Computer System Upgrade May 15-17

UCT is installing a new operating system to allow for faster and more efficient business processing.

In order to install the new system, the agent webportal and operating system will be shut down beginning May 15 at 10:00 pm (EDT).  The system will remain unavailable until Sunday, May 17 at 10:00 pm (EDT).

Beginning Monday, May 18, all systems will be functional.  Nothing will change for agents or agency staff.  All web-site links and passwords will remain the same.  All electronic applications will be available to use beginning Monday, May 18.

Read the full release here.

CSM Tech Tip: “Google” Yourself

With the rise of the digital age, it is difficult (if not impossible) to remain totally anonymous on the internet. Having an online presence and maintaining your social networks can be a wonderful and valuable tool, but sometimes we are unaware of how much personal information can be obtained about us over time.

When was the last time you typed your name or your email address in a web search like Google or Bing? You may be shocked at the results. You may find that old photos of yourself pop up, or an old user account from a forgotten social network or blog that is still associated with your name. You may even want to search for your work email, to make sure it has not been compromised and made available on the internet for the bad guys to find.

By searching and analyzing your online presence often, you can take steps to remove those things you may not want strangers to see. Like that embarrassing photo from college. You know the one I’m talking about.

Let’s stay safe out there!