Ohio Department of Insurance Granting Temporary Insurance Licenses

Temporary Licenses During State of Emergency from Ohio Department of Insurance



Aetna Supplemental: Florida Medicare Supplement Plan Changes

As of 8/24/2020 Aetna Announcement:

Due to recent regulatory changes, Aetna will no longer offer a household premium discount on new individual CLI* Medicare Supplement policies in Florida.

The last application signature date Aetna can accept for applicants requesting the household premium discount is August 27, 2020. Any applications signed on or after August 28, 2020 will not be eligible for a household premium discount.

Aetna has revised the paper sales materials (including the application), which are now available. You can order the updated paper sales materials here. Be sure to destroy your existing paper applications and replace them with the new application.

Aetna Quote & Enroll will have the revised E-App starting August 28, 2020.

Medicare Supplement policyholders in Florida currently receiving the household premium discount will continue to receive the discount.


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Cornerstone representative.

Humana Marketing Materials Pre-Order

Friendly Reminder that the deadline to place pre-orders for 2021 Humana Marketing Materials is Tuesday 8/25 to ensure delivery by AEP. Please see instructions below.

2021 Marketing Materials are now available for ordering by Agents and Agencies!  The link below can be used for Agency ordering and for Agent Re-orders. Agents will be prompted to order a starter shipment at the end of their certification course, and shipping will begin on 9/15/20.




The AGENCY log-in is the AGENCY SAN in both the username and password fields.  Agency pre-orders can be submitted now through 8/25.  Please order ASAP to ensure shipping will begin on 9/15 to arrive by 10/1.  Any agency with a Humana Agency SAN can place a pre-order. Please communicate this to your downline agencies!

Please note that for 2021, there is a new application specifically for DSNP plans.  To submit a DSNP enrollment, a DSNP application must be used!  There will also be a unique fax number for DSNP applications.  This is another great reason to encourage electronic enrollment tools!


If agents need assistance with ordering, they can contact Agent Support at 1.800.309.3163, Option 1.


Devoted Health’s New Agent Portal & Updates

Devoted Agent Portal

Devoted is  launching their brand new agent portal in the coming weeks, built from the ground up to make selling Devoted Health quicker and easier.

What’s in it for you?

  • Best online application experience
  • One place to view all your Devoted Health business
  • Links to essential tips, advice, and other resources for selling Devoted Health
  • Digital signature workflows for Scope of Appointment and other forms

Plus, the portal will eventually become your one-stop shop for all agent activities. For those of you who sold with Devoted in the past, the portal will replace their existing enrollment tool.


Dipping Devoted toes in the water

As Devoted continues to monitor Covid19, they are constantly evaluating how the organization will make decisions regarding field events.   After careful consideration Devoted has decided to resume tabletop events in the field. However,  they are requiring proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to be worn and social distancing to be exercised.  Proper PPE includes mask, gloves and a face shield.  Also, to promote social distancing they encourage using an acrylic divider or two tables.  PPE can be purchased from our marketing portal if you have earned Devoted bucks.

If you would like to conduct tabletop events, please complete the Register an Event form and follow the event guidelines.


Devoted has two PPE kits available 

Use the SKU to search for the kits in the search bar at the top of the page:

  1. Phase 1: DH-PHSE1-KIT
  2. Phase 2: DH-PHSE2-KIT


Release Policy & Timeline

As Devoted gears up for the upcoming AEP, if you are thinking about changing your upline affiliation here’s an update on their release policy and timeline:


Immediate Release Brokers will need to get a release  from their current upline on a company letterhead or form dated with a current and future effective date of the release and signed by the principal. The release letter or form must be sent  via email to  [email protected] and the appropriate staff must be copied to the email communication from the agency (e.g FMO, GA, etc.) It will take up to 3-5 business days for Devoted to process the request. All parties will be notified via email once the release has been processed.


Delayed Release – If  an immediate release is not granted by a broker’s upline, a request for a delayed release can be made by sending an email to [email protected] and include  the intent to be released from your upline. The delayed release email will start the clock for the 3 month (90 calendar days) window. A broker can continue to write business until the 3 month period is satisfied. All parties will be notified via email once the delayed release has been processed.


Are you certified? If not, start Devoted’s 2021 certification .

If you have a  2021 AHIP or Pinpoint certificate,  the process is simple and will save you a lot of time. If not, you can complete their CORE Medicare Training available within their platform at no charge.

Lumico Introducing New Med Supp E-Application for 2021 AEP

Exciting news and an incentive? Yes, Lumico offers both!

Lumico is gearing up to launch an all new Med Supp e-Application for AEP which will be replacing the current Med Supp e-Application. Check out this video to see what’s coming.


What does the new e-App mean for you? Let’s break it down:

  • Writing applications anytime, anywhere;
  • Digitally delivering and e-signing policy documents; and
  • A seamless online experience from start to finish.

To make it even sweeter, Lumico is  launching an agent tablet incentive program running from September 1 – December 31, 2020.


Please join Lumico for a webinar on August 26 from 1-2pm EST to learn more. You can register here


Any questions contact you CSM representative. 

Tech Tip: WiFi vs. VPN

Technology Tip – WiFi? Why Not? VPN is your friend


Using free public WiFi at a coffee shop or airport hot spot is great for convenience, but bad for security.
Most free access points do not make use of encryption. This is done for convenience and ease of access. If every person had to ask the barista or gate attendant for the WiFi key, it would get unruly, and no actual work would get done.
Keep in mind that you are sharing those wireless airwaves with anyone that is within range of your wireless communications.

There is technology out there that allows you to view the wireless computer communications that are within range of your device.
To the bad guys, this technology lets them see what you are doing, the data you are passing to websites, and your usernames and passwords.


  • You are on websites with ‘https’ … the little S is for secure. Its like speaking a language that only two people can understand (your computer, and the website).
  • You are using VPN software to encrypt all your wireless communications
  • You are using a wireless device from your cellular phone provider, 3G or 4G network access… This is not WiFi, and is not subject to WiFi Security Policies

Using a VPN client to encrypt and route your wireless communications allows you to create a secure channel for your computer to communicate.
Even if you are accessing a website without HTTPS, your communication to that website is secured through your VPN connection. If there are any bad guys around you listening in on your wifi traffic, it will be safe.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is good practice to use a VPN when in a public networking spot such as wifi hot spots. This will create a virtual tunnel for your computer to communicate securely through the public network.

Before traveling for work, consult with your IT department about their data security policies when on the road, how to setup your VPN connection (if your company has VPN access), or how to obtain a 3G/4G cellular network card.


Let’s stay safe out there!

2021 Anthem Enrollment Kits Now Available on CustomPoint

2021 Enrollment Kits now available on CustomPoint for Pre-order

If you completed your AHIP Certification by August 1st, you can now pre-order enrollment kits. Pre-ordering means you’ll have materials earlier in the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) marketing period. With kits in hand when AEP kicks off, you won’t miss a single opportunity when clients are shopping for coverage.

Pre-order your 2021 enrollment kits through CustomPoint between now and August 31 and your kits will be delivered to you prior to October 1, 2020.

Need translated kits? You can place your orders for available translated kits at the same time you order your English kits. Translated kits are scheduled to deliver September 25 through October 7.

Kits ordered after August 31 will not be guaranteed delivery by October 1, so certify early so you can order early. Pre-orders placed during the month of August will be processed and shipped first.


How do I order enrollment kits?

Within 24-48 hours of completing your 2021 certification, you receive an e-mail from Medicare Sales Training-Anthem-SM [email protected] confirming your Ready to Sell status. Ready to Sell means you are currently licensed, certified and appointed. The subject line of the email appears as “Access to CustomPoint — Medicare Sales and Marketing Materials.” This e-mail includes an attachment with instructions on how to order your Medicare Sales Marketing Materials from CustomPoint.  It also includes your CustomPoint User ID and Account.

  • If you are new to the website, we’ll send you a separate e-mail with your password.
  • If you are a returning CustomPoint user and do not recall your password, please contact [email protected] to reset your password.


Ordering best practices

  DO   DON’T
Vary your ordering quantities based on how many plans you expect to sell. Order the same number of kits, regardless of your sales expectations (i.e., 100 of every kit).
Order enough during the pre-order period (August 7 – August 31) to last you through October. Wait until September or October to place the order for kits you need for October – timely delivery can’t be guaranteed.
Order more kits after Star Ratings are updated at the end of October. Order a full year’s amount prior to plan Star Ratings being updated.



Everything you need to know about ordering can be found on the home page of CustomPoint, where you can access an online user guide.


Note: Marketing may not begin before 10/1/20 and AEP applications cannot be accepted before 10/15/20.




SureBridge Producer Onboarding Appointment Fee Update

Effective September 18, 2020, Producers may now be required to pay for non-resident appointment fees at the time of initial onboarding, in addition to any states added after onboarding.  SureBridge will continue to pay any appointment renewal fee as long as the producer has submitted at least one piece of business in the renewal state within the last 12 months.

Producers will be notified by email that they will now be required to pay the non-resident fees for any states added going forward and will be directed to contact their upline with any questions.  To request additional state appointments after onboarding, Producers can call 888-797-4447 and select the option to make a state appointment fee.


If you have any questions please email [email protected] 

SureBridge Experiencing Longer Hold Times

The Customer Service/Producer Support team is currently undergoing mandatory training that will help the staff be more efficient in advance of Open Enrollment.  SureBridge anticipates the training lasting through September.

During this time, customers and agents may experience longer than normal hold times to speak to a Customer Service Representative.  You may want to refer customers to the SureBridge Member Portal at www.Chesapeakeplus.com for information and transactions that can be completed online.  Agents can utilize the Self-Service tool at www.surebridgeinsurance.com.

SureBridge sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience you may experience during this time.