Centene/WellCare 2021 Star Ratings

Centene is pleased to announce their 2021 Star Ratings!

Each year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issues objective ratings on all Medicare Advantage and Medicare Drug plans to determine if they provide high-quality care for their members.

These quality scores include several factors, such as the clinical care members receive, their service experience, and member feedback detailing how well plans did in various categories. Using a one through five-Star rating system, CMS evaluates nearly 50 measures, broken into multiple areas.

Centene oversees CMS Star measures and performance within five chapters:

  • Admin/Ops (service quality)
  • CAHPS (member satisfaction)
  • HEDIS (clinical services)
  • HOS (Health Outcomes Survey)
  • Pharmacy (taking prescribed medications)

Achieving positive quality ratings is vital. These ratings are crucial to Centene members, brokers and partners, and their overall growth. With CMS’ increased focus on patient experience and access to care, Centene must continue to put members first and empower them to partner with their providers to make good healthcare decisions.

Downloadable 2021 Star Ratings:

  • Click here to access 2021 Star Ratings for all Centene health plans.


NOTE: 2021 Star Ratings are state- and product-specific.


Action Required: Please ensure that you are distributing the most current 2021 Star Ratings. Be sure to dispose of any outdated Star Ratings.


Cigna’s Tips for Getting Your Apps Processed FAST!

Cigna message from 10/29/20:

Now that AEP is in full swing, we know you want assurance that your customers are enrolled in the plan they’ve chosen and sometimes you may experience delays in being able to view your enrolled customer in Salesforce. The good news is, the reason for the delay can often be corrected before the application is even submitted. Here are the most common issues that are within your control to correct before the applications reaches our Enrollment team:

  • Use the correct Agent ID. Incorrect agent IDs require manual intervention, which may result in assigning an enrollment to the wrong agent and commissions payment delays. Remember, Cigna Medicare and Cigna Supplemental Benefits use different Agent IDs.
  • Validate the Medicare Beneficiary ID number (MBI). An incorrect MBI number can cause membership delays as well have an application denied for an incorrect MBI
  • Be sure the correct election period is indicated. Even though we’re in AEP, this is an important measure to take year-around. Don’t forget to include the correct election period.
  • Verify eligibility for both Medicare Advantage and Medicaid DUAL plans. Remember, our CARL team can help with confirming eligibility for these plans.

When an issue is identified as causing a delay, our team will reach out to you to resolve the interruption. Your quick response to our requests will help us resolve issues sooner.


Any questions or issues with Cigna applications reach out to your CSM service rep. 

Anthem 2021 MA Enrollment Kits – ACTION NEEDED!

FYI Brokers: When ordering Anthem 2021 MA Enrollments you may receive a kickback message stating incorrect information on the ‘Helpful Contact Information’ page.  See below for the full Anthem message :

Dear agent or broker,

Thank you for ordering 2021 Anthem Medicare Advantage enrollment kits.

We want to make you aware there is an issue on the last page of the enrollment kits you ordered as listed below. On the Helpful contact information page, there is a Transportation vendor listed that should not have been included because non-emergency transportation isn’t covered by this plan. So please reach for your nearest Sharpie pen and cross out that listing.

Please rest assured that the member’s Summary of Benefits included in the kits you have contains the correct coverage information.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions, please reach out to your regional sales manager or contact Medicare Agent Services at medicaresalestraining@anthem.com.

Anthem Agent Services

Order Date:

Kit Code:


If you have any questions, please reach out to  your CSM service rep.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: MedicareAPP Scope of Appointment

New in 2021: MedicareAPP can be used to capture electronic Scope of Appointments (SOA’s) for 2021.  This year you brokers have the option to either Text or Email the SOA to their clients.

Important: After an SOA is submitted by the beneficiary the broker must acknowledge the SOA disclosure statement and electronically sign the form in order for the SOA to be deemed successfully completed in the system.


Don’t Forget Dental This Medicare AEP with Dental Care Plus Group

Don’t Forget Dental This Medicare AEP

Are your Medicare clients considering the cost that dental care can add to their living expenses? Oftentimes, Medicare participants mistakenly believe that Medicare covers regular trips to the dentist. That isn’t always the case.

DCP’s individual dental plans complement Medicare plans – filling gaps in coverage on routine dental procedures like cleanings and fillings.

With these plans DCP offers our broker partners:

  • Flat 10 percent commission on new sales and renewals.
  • Personalized URL to receive credit for your sales and email notification when a sale is made. Request one here.
  • Easy online enrollment for your clients at MyDentalCarePlus.com.
  • Hard-copy, paper application for your clients that prefer it. Please contact DCP individual product consultants at (888) 253-3279 if you are interested in utilizing this tool with your clients.

Customizable sales materials for your use are available by clickinghere


Questions? Contact your CSM representative today! 

Centene/WellCare Partners with the National Council of Aging

Centene message from 10/27/20:

Centene Partners with the National Council on Aging (NCOA)

We are pleased to announce that Centene has joined forces with the National Council on Aging (NCOA) to help improve the health and well-being of older Americans.

This exciting, joint effort gives our valued customers and employees access to NCOA’s BenefitsCheckUp, a free and confidential web-based service that helps older adults with limited incomes identify what benefits they may qualify for and how to apply for them. Since 2001, nearly 9 million people have used BenefitsCheckUp to find programs that help them pay for prescription drugs, health care, food, housing, utilities, tax relief and more.

BenefitsCheckUp can be used on any computer or mobile device. The tool includes more than 2,500 public and private benefits programs from all 50 states. A BenefitsCheckUp screening can be completed here.

Additionally, on Oct. 28, leaders from NCOA and Centene’s WellCare of Florida plan will air a Facebook event called “Navigating Your Medicare and Medicaid Choices in 2021” to help Medicare beneficiaries select the right plan for them for 2021. This will serve as a great resource to guide your beneficiaries to information that can help them make an informed decision this Annual Enrollment Period.

To learn more about NCOA and its BenefitsCheckUp tool, please visit www.ncoa.org.

And don’t forget to check out NCOA’s Facebook page on Oct. 28 at 5:45 p.m. ET for the premiere of “Navigating Your Medicare and Medicaid Choices in 2021.”

Longer Hold Times with SureBridge’s Customer Service & Producer Support

SureBridge Experiencing Longer Hold Times
SureBridge announcement as of 10/27/20:
Customer Service and Producer Support are experiencing longer than usual hold and processing times in advance of the upcoming policy migration associated with the new SureBridge Policy Administration System that will occur October 29 – November 9, 2020.

Many customers are calling in reference to the customer letter sent by SureBridge announcing billing changes associated with this migration. We have posted a customer FAQ on Chesapeakeplus.com and MySureBridgeInsurance.com (for customers who have already migrated to the new system) to assist with explaining this transition and changes to billing.

Customers and agents can make policy changes, check coverages or make billing changes through the current customer portal at Chesapeakeplus.com through Wednesday 10/28/20 or use the new customer portal at MySureBridgeInsurance.com after the polices have migrated to the new system.

Provided below for your review are links to materials customers will receive when their policies are migrated to the new system.


WellCare: EFT/ACH Vendor Payment Postponed

WellCare communication from 10/26/20:

WellCare’s transition to a new broker payment vendor is delayed. Originally the transition was to take place on October 30, 2020; now, it will take place on November 13, 2020.

  • The first payout using the new vendor will take place on November 13, 2020.
  • You will continue to receive payment through our existing process and vendor until the transition is completed.

There will be no interruption in broker payments, as we transition to the new broker payment vendor.


If you have any questions, please contact your CSM service representative. 

Devoted Health’s Exciting Details on Ohio Plans

Devoted Health Message from 10/26/2020:

We are here to support you every step of the way, here is some key info about 2021 Devoted Health Medicare HMO plans in Ohio, update on Star Rating scores and quick access to our resources.

2021 Ohio Plans

We are excited to offer our plans to 13 NEW counties in Metro Cleveland, Sandusky and Akron/Canton Ohio this year including Saver HMO plan which includes a $50 Part B buydown!

Benefit Highlight of the Week

We are proud to offer very competitive plans this year to our members and we think they’ll be particularly excited about (in addition to our top-notch Guides dedicated to “holding the hands” of Moms and Dads through this process):

  1. 0 copay for Tiers 1 and 2 prescription drugs and through the gap on Core and Prime 
  2. $120 / Quarter on OTC benefits on Core and Prime 
  3. Wellness Bucks for use towards health & wellness items and services, like personal fitness or activity fitness trackers (e.g. Apple Watch, Fitbit) $150 on Core and Prime, and $300 per year on Saver!
  4. $0 SilverSneakers membership on all plans

Unsure of which plan is best for a prospect?  Below are general guidance on our 4 types of plans and additional benefits that set us apart and here are Extra Help charts: 

Key Provider Partner Highlight

  1. Unity Health Network: leading physician-led organization recognized for moving toward value over volume
  2. Northern Ohio Medical Specialists (NOMS): multi-specialty practice dedicated to delivering excellent care to patients while growing into one of the largest independent physician organizations in the region 


Did you know?

 Early results prove Devoted Health’s ability to deliver excellent care. For 2021, Devoted Health’s Florida Contract earned a 5 Star Part D Summary Rating. We are too new to be measured for the overall Star Rating from Medicare for 2021.  Our high-touch clinical programs ensure that members get the medications and care they need. 

* Visit https://www.medicare.gov for more information on Star Ratings. Star Ratings are based on 5 Stars. Star Ratings are assessed each year and may change from one year to the next.


Quick Resources 

Cornerstone’s AEP Submitting Applications Guide- DOWNLOAD NOW!

There’s so much to do this time of year, and making sure your application is accepted the first time around is very important.  Please review the guidance and tips below.  Also, please download the Application Submission Reference Sheet for quick access to the carrier specific fax numbers, and where applicable, email accounts, to submit non-electronic enrollments.